Use Branded Mini Games to deliver
mobile and cross-platform game ads
for your clients. It's easy trackable
and fast to deliver.


BMG Studio is our Do-it-Yourself
platform that allows brands,
advertisers and ad networks to
create games & playable ads enhancing
their performance in only 3 steps!
No coding required.

$0 - 3 days

$199 - 30 days

$399 - 90 days

$699 - 180 days

$999 - 365 days


Playable Ads are HTML5 in-banner
games that contain social features
and rewarding elements.
The users are already pre-qualified as
they test the Playable Ads before
installing, downloading or buying
a product or a service.

Mini-Games with Beacons can help
stores offer compelling shopping experiences!

Engage customers in-store and at home
Increase in-store purchases
Mini-Games fully compatible with Beacons
100% customizable

Branded Mini-Games add a new level of fun and
interactivity to Augmented Packaging, on Street
Marketing, Geolocalized Apps, Advergaming and
Interactive Consumer Products.

3D animated virtual characters + features
Reward customers with discounted products
Increase (re)purchase potential


Branded Mini-Games are short mobile web games packed with powerful social features.
They are fully customisable to any brand and run well on laptop, tablet, mobile or within an app and even on digital signage. Create once and use it for all platforms!



  • Traffic increase & user engagement
  • More conversions & better ROI
  • Positive user experience
  • Multi-platform coverage
  • Social media features
  • Full analytics & reporting

Branded Mini Games improves the performance of your campaigns.

Make your game

Success Stories

“We wanted to develop the reputation of the brand through a viral and playful campaign before Christmas, while retaining our customers via a contest offering several prizes to be won for the holidays. It also allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the traditional advent calendars that you see more and more on websites. We had a lot of visitors on the website, with more than 300,000 games played on the game. The feedback was very positive both on the design and the gameplay and its mechanics. At the level of personalization, everything went well, the BrandedMiniGames team was reactive and adapted to our needs”

Agathe Chauvel
Bobbies Marketing Director

“Amidst tough competition among big brands in Indonesia, to be the most unique and innovative is a big challenge. Through Branded Mini-Games, we were able to reach out and engage our audiences in an attractive and interactive way, with great results. Branded Mini-Games is a brilliant means for product awareness and to instill a premium brand image to users.”

Lewi Verdatama
Chief Digital Media, KFC Indonesia

Web template - Bachmann

Papa Moll

Background Confiserie Bachmann is the biggest bakery and patisserie in Switzerland, an advanced and innovative family-run business...

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Web template - Ultherapy


Background Since creating the world’s first anti-wrinkle cream in 1953, Merz has been a driver of innovation in the fast-evolving ...

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Select your image from 80+ templates



Select your game from 80+ templates



Customise your game, or let us tailor-make it for you



Select your add-ons
Add social features, data collection, leader-board, friend invites and more…



Launch! Place your game on your website, social network or within an app!


Hire a pro. We’ll do it all for you.
A premium, bespoke service for your branded game

Who we are?
Branded Mini-Games build branded HTML5 mobile games to help businesses around the world increase brand awareness, lead generation and boost their digital marketing and communication results. Branded Mini-Games offers branded games development, html5 mobile games, mobile marketing games, mobile web games and playable ads to help brands gain attention and convert their employees and market into plays, clicks and conversions.

Who we help?
Branded Mini-Games helps both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies from a variety of industries. Games can be successfully used for marketing, sales, Human Resources (HR), training, employee motivation and corporate communication. Industries that we’ve worked with include: FMCG, food & drink, TV and media, banking, financial services, insurance, marketing agencies, brand agencies, mobile and telephone networks, game developers, sporting goods manufacturers, and many more.

How we do it?
Branded Mini-Games uses games and social gamification techniques to quickly reward the game player for engaging with the game, the brand and the message. Our mini-game format means lower barriers to entry for players and encourages multiple replays. The mini-game format is also ideal for men and women, of all ages, even if they’re no serious gamers.

Gain the attention of your target audience, convert them into leads and drive them towards a call-to-action with buttons, videos, coupons or with social contests.

For over 10 years we’ve worked on mobile solutions. Our background and focus has always been mobile-first. Developed in HTML5 our games work on mobile but automatically resize for other screens – including PC, tablet, and laptop.

Digital Advertising
Use the power of games and gamification to boost the results your digital advertising. Increase the interactions from your adverts and boost your click-through rates (CTR) by providing a fun and engaging game experience in your advertising.

Sweepstakes and Contests
Are you looking to run a competition online or at an exhibition? Use Branded Mini-Games to create a fun, engaging and interactive competition. Run leaderboards to choose your winners by rank, or run the game as a lucky dip.

Brand Awareness
Stand out from the competition and get people playing a game. You may think that a game is not suitable for your audience, or you’re from a boring industry. However, we have successfully used games to boost brand awareness and help businesses stand out from their competition.

Lead Generation
Generate leads from your marketing using Branded Mini-Games. We regularly generate 35%+ lead conversion rates from a game.

Mobile Coupons
Convert your mobile audience into buyers using coupons. Players can exchange high scores to discounts, or access a mobile coupon to redeem in-store.

Shopper Marketing
Connect with mobile shoppers by providing a Branded Mini-Game in store. They can access the game on their mobile through beacons, NFC or QR codes. After playing the game, activate the shoppers by issuing a coupon to redeem that day.

Our Products

Branded Mini-Games Enterprise
Managed service that develops branded online games for clients. We can develop HTML5 games for advertising quickly and easily using our catalogue of game templates.

Branded Mini-Games Studio
Self-service tool that makes it quick and simple for brands to create and launch their own ad games for mobile marketing and online marketing. Create and manage your branded games, without coding, and starts from free.

Playable Ads
Digital advertising solution that incorporates fun, exciting game experiences into banner adverts. Custom built for each client the games are fully branded and optimised for the client’s audience.

Augmented Reality
Brings a gaming experience into the real-world. Scan product packaging to see game characters come to life before accessing the Branded Mini-Game. Combine augmented reality with mobile games to provide more fun and interaction for your campaign.

Use mobile beacons to prompt local mobile users to play the Branded Mini-Game. Whenever a potential customer walks near your shop engage them using a game and then drive them into store with a mobile coupon.

Social BMG
Brings a fully social gaming experience to the Facebook app. Challenge your Facebook friends and check out how you’re doing on the customised leaderboard. See which one of your friends can become the champion.

User Generated Content
Players can create and customise their own games using their own pictures. Upload images to the game and then publish and share with their friends.

Mobile game development
Branded Mini-Games also works on mobile game development, either by extending our html5 game templates, or bespoke game development, focused on your branding, marketing and promotional goals. Our technical team can help integrate Branded Mini-Games into your app, advertising tool and CRM system.